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Which is more effective – shooting with one eye open or two?

Is there an advantage to shooting with one eye closed? Probably not. This is how you were probably taught to shoot, but does it have any benefit? Some claim to be more precise. Others say the target is easier to spot. Is it true? In long-range shooting, closing one eye can even lead to facial […]

Building Muscle Memory| Being Prepared

  Have you ever heard the saying “Fast is slow, slow is fast”? When taking training classes, I heard that a lot. It still comes up whenever we’re on the subject of target practice. And the more you go to the range to get your practice in, you’ll realize how important that reminder can be. […]

The Rules Still Apply- Firearm Etiquette

  These rules should be introduced before you ever pick up a firearm, and should be used not only on the range, but anytime you handle a firearm. Sometimes people need to be reminded, especially when it comes to firearm safety and proper handling. I never realized how often most people forget about the 4 […]

The Practical Guide to Everyday Carry Gear

Being Prepared Besides the obvious (wallet/purse, phone, keys), there are many variations to “Everyday Carry” items. It all depends on what purpose your items have for you. This is a guide to basic everyday carry items specific to personal protection/basic preparedness. With everything going on in the world today, more and more people are looking […]

4 Clear Signs That Show You That You Need To Shoot More Often


  You may own one or more handguns for hunting, self-defense or target shooting but how often do you actually use them? I am going to make an assumption that it is not as often as you should. Shooting is fun, relatively inexpensive and essential if you desire proficiency at any of the activities that I mentioned initially. […]

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