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Is It Worth Carrying A Backup Gun?

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There comes a point when nearly everyone with a concealed carry permit stops and wonders, “should I carry a backup gun?” This thought is a fair one and may have been sparked by any number of influences, like news reports, a story from a friend, or even a scene in a TV show. But is […]

Make Summertime Carry Easy

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As we start the month of June, we can say with confidence that summer is here. That means it’s time for long trips to the lake, bike rides with friends, BBQs, baseball, and so much more. While we all love to relax in the summer, if you’re carrying a concealed firearm, the change in weather […]

Dressed For Success: Business Casual Concealed Carry

OY6D - Blog Image - Dressed For Success - Business Casual Concealed Carry 1200 X 628 JPG

There’s no denying that the dress code for most workplaces is relaxing. What used to be considered attire strictly for casual Fridays can now be worn on Monday. But not everyone has the option to wear loose and comfortable T-shirts for 40 hours a week. For many firearm owners, they face the challenge of wanting […]

The Most Common Concealed Carry Mistakes Beginners Make

As anyone who regularly concealed carries a firearm can tell you, there is a bit of a learning curve when you first start. Concealed carry takes practice and a change in mindset, but it is a fairly straightforward process to adopt if you’re aware of the mistakes you could make. With that in mind, we […]

Leather or Kydex: What Should Your Holster Be Made Of?

Whether you’re new to carrying a concealed firearm every day or you’ve been doing it for years, one of the recurring challenges you face is choosing the right holster for the job. A quick trip to your local gun store yields a seemingly endless variety of holsters from different brands, all for different models and […]

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