Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank

(1 customer review)
(1 customer review)

Limited Supply

Hunting? Camping? Hiking?

A power source should be included in every EDC Loadout. With today’s dependency on technology, a power source is a justified EDC gadget which is why we are introducing our SOLAR POWER BANK.
This power bank utilizes Solar and/or DC charging to obtain and retain energy for use at a later time with its 20000 mAh Battery. With two Standard USB Ports, one 18W Fast Charge USB Port, One USB-C Port and 10W Wireless Inductive Charging, this power bank can keep you on the go, on the move and powered for days.
In addition, the SOLAR POWER BANK comes included with a Two Bulb LED Flashlight with three different light modes including an SOS flash, making it versatile for every loadout and every situation.
Compact, lightweight and easy to use making it the perfect gadget for every kit, go bag, truck or backpack for “on the go” use.
We will be selling these for a limited time only. Once they are sold out, they are GONE!
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Weight 1 oz
Solar Power Bank


1 review for Solar Power Bank

  1. William A Pruett

    I ordered two of these and I am beyond satisfied. They hold a charge for at least four months in a closet. I know this for a fact. I used one to charge my phone while using it and it had my phone go from 55% to 85% in one hour. I highly recommend these.

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