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4 Factors To Consider In Selecting An EDC

So you’ve decided to purchase a gun for everyday carry (EDC). The next step will be how to select the best EDC for yourself; this can be quite a difficult decision, and having an experienced shooter with you could make the process much easier. However, if you’re going at it alone, here are a few […]

Which is more effective – shooting with one eye open or two?

Is there an advantage to shooting with one eye closed? Probably not. This is how you were probably taught to shoot, but does it have any benefit? Some claim to be more precise. Others say the target is easier to spot. Is it true? In long-range shooting, closing one eye can even lead to facial […]

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Building an EDC First-Aid Kit

OY6D - Blog Image - First Aid Kit - Build Your Everyday Carry First Aid Kit 1200 X 628 JPG

Life is unpredictable, to say the least. The same road you’ve taken to work every day for years could suddenly close when a car fire occurs. Your neighbor might suddenly collapse while collecting his mail. Your child could accidentally cut themselves on a rock while you’re out hiking. While you can’t be totally prepared for […]

Is It Worth Carrying A Backup Gun?

OY6D - Blog Image - Worth Carrying A Backup 1200 X 628 JPG

There comes a point when nearly everyone with a concealed carry permit stops and wonders, “should I carry a backup gun?” This thought is a fair one and may have been sparked by any number of influences, like news reports, a story from a friend, or even a scene in a TV show. But is […]

Make Summertime Carry Easy

OY6D - Blog Image - Silhoutte Targets - Summer Concealed Carry 1200 X 628 JPG

As we start the month of June, we can say with confidence that summer is here. That means it’s time for long trips to the lake, bike rides with friends, BBQs, baseball, and so much more. While we all love to relax in the summer, if you’re carrying a concealed firearm, the change in weather […]

What Disrupts Your Situational Awareness

OY6D - Blog Image - OWB Holsters - What Distrupts Situational Awareness 1200 X 628 JPG

In our last blog post, we covered how you can enhance your situational awareness skills. Through practice, you can keep you safe from getting into a dangerous situation before it even begins. But developing these skills, like concealing and carrying a firearm, isn’t without its challenges. Modern life is seemingly busier than it ever has […]

Enhancing Your Situational Awareness

OY6D - Blog Image - Enhancing Your Situational Awareness 1200 X 628 JPG

When you conceal and carry a firearm, you’ve got a lot to think about. You’re considering where your firearm is positioned, whether you’re carrying extra ammo, and if you can bring your firearm into certain buildings. These things, in addition to the litany of things that weigh on our minds throughout the day, can leave […]

Dressed For Success: Business Casual Concealed Carry

OY6D - Blog Image - Dressed For Success - Business Casual Concealed Carry 1200 X 628 JPG

There’s no denying that the dress code for most workplaces is relaxing. What used to be considered attire strictly for casual Fridays can now be worn on Monday. But not everyone has the option to wear loose and comfortable T-shirts for 40 hours a week. For many firearm owners, they face the challenge of wanting […]

The Signs That Give Away That You’re Concealing A Weapon

OY6D - Blog Image - The Signs That Give Away That You're Conealing A Weapon 1200 X 628 JPG

When it comes to concealing a firearm, the name of the game is discretion. You don’t want to broadcast to everyone around that you have a firearm on your hip. Not only can that create an uncomfortable situation for you while you’re with friends or in a store, but it can also make you a […]

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