Smith & Wesson Custom Kydex Magazine Holster

Smith & Wesson Custom Kydex Magazine Holster

(78 customer reviews)
(78 customer reviews)

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Smith & Wesson  Double Mag Holsters

Our double kydex magazine holster are made to sit tight to the body to help conceal them for everyday carry. Lightweight and curved to the body, you will forget you are carrying 2 extra Smith & Wesson magazines! Note: All double magazine holsters come standard bullets facing Forward. Make sure you choose the correct position for you.

On Your 6 Designs makes Custom Kydex Magazine Holsters For Smith and Wesson Models:

M&P Fullsize (9mm & 40cal) M&P Compact (9mm & 40cal) M&P 2.0 Compact (9mm & 40cal) M&P Shield EZ 380 M&P Shield (9mm & 40cal) M&P Shield (.45cal) M&P Fullsize (.45cal) M&P Compact (.45cal) M&P .22 Comp SDVE-9mm SDVE-40cal BodyGuard 380 1911
Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A
Smith and Wesson Models

M&P Fullsize (9mm & 40cal), M&P Compact (9mm & 40cal), M&P 2.0 Compact (9mm & 40cal), M&P Shield 9MM EZ, M&P Shield EZ 380, M&P Shield 9mm, M&P Shield 40cal, M&P Shield (.45cal), M&P Fullsize (.45cal), M&P Compact (.45cal), M&P .22, SDVE-9, SDVE-40, BodyGuard 380, 1911

Holster Capacity



Out of the Waist Band


Right (Side of body), Left (Side of body)

Bullets Facing

Forward, Rear

Belt Size

Includes all sizes


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78 reviews for Smith & Wesson Custom Kydex Magazine Holster


    I purchased a double mag holster for my M&P Shield 9mm.

    Impressive design and quality, excellent fit, finish, and mag retention.
    Very competitive pricing.
    Clear communication, and fast shipping seal the deal!

    Chris G, New York

  2. Gonzalo

    I bought a single magazine holster for my M&P Shield 9mm.

    I really like how low-profile it is and the fact that it was a clip rather than a loop, so I can clip it to my belt without taking the belt off. Also, the retention was perfect right out of the box.

    The price was great and it shipped fast. I’m very happy with the quality of the product and the shopping experience, which you don’t always get with some other companies that sell their products for three times the price.

    I liked this mag holster so much I’m buying two for my full size XD so I can choose how many to carry depending on the situation (EDC vs carrying extra mags during training).

    Gonzalo B, Utah

  3. William

    I have purchased no fewer than 6 holsters for various guns but this was the first time I bought a magazine holster. This was for my S&W M&P Shield 9. It arrived quick but I was not thrilled with it as the magazine stood too high for my liking. I contacted them about making it with a lower profile and they said they could do that. They even sent a return label so I could return the one I wasn’t happy with. The 2nd one arrived and it was identical to the first. So I boxed them both up and sent them back with a nice note saying I would look elsewhere for something I could live with. I got a phone call a few days later the the shop supervisor said he was issuing a refund and was going to personally make a mag holster that he thought would fit the bill at no charge. It arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. So the take away here is… don’t give up on these guys, they did not give up on me. They are busy but they were not so busy that they didn’t implement some of the best customer service I have ever received in my nearly 66 years on this planet. Well done guys and I will easily continue to do business with them. Just for the record every concealed hand gun holster I have purchased from On Your 6 Designs was perfect and the reason I bought so many is I kept changing guns. Be safe and carry every day!

  4. J C

    Very well made, highly recommended. Shipped sooner than I expected.
    It is very tight on my belt, so make sure you order the right size.

  5. Nathan Liles

    So far so good, time will tell but I like it out of the box. Good communication from OY6 and relatively fast shipping. They emailed me Monday (ordered Friday evening) and said they were making it, got it the next friday.

  6. jeff

    purchased a mag holder for 9mm Shield and am very happy with the whole process of ordering, fast shipping and high quality product. Great job….

  7. michael moraine

    I like the way the magazine fits nicely into the waste . Very comfortable and easy access .

  8. Stan Prime

    I purchased the single Mag holster for M&P Shield 9mm, what a piece of art, fits good looks good, I am real happy with it. Will be buying more products for my Glock.

  9. Ryan

    Like so many others, I purchased a double mag pouch for my S&W M&P Shield 9mm. I liked it enough to buy another for my S&W M&P 9c. Can’t say anything bad. Good retention, with a smooth draw made for quick reloads in a class I recently took while wearing this pouch.

  10. Shane W

    As well made as the pistol holster. Strong and perfect retention. Time to start thinking about some sheaths for my knives!!

  11. Thatcher smith

    Amazing. Exactly what I ordered, great customer service and fast shipping. Nah holster fits pretty much any kind of belt or waist band, with great retention for the mag itself.

  12. Lee Watson

    I purchased a single M&P Shield mag holster a month ago. Had an opportunity to wear each for a week straight. I found it very comfortable and secure to wear. I had to touch it a few times during the week under my shirt to make sure that it was still there! Fit well when I was seated and did not move around on me. It kept my mag snugly in the holster. I am thinking about purchasing a double mag!

  13. F.S.

    Excellent fit and finish. Best mag holster I’ve ever used. Low profile, moves well to accommodate shifts in position. Can’t speak highly enough! Highly recommended and well worth the price!

  14. Rhino 24

    Best Stuff for Everyday Carrie. The Shield goes with me every where and On Your 6 keeps it in place. I got the IWB for the Shield and OWB mag holer. I have been caring for mounts and it still look new. On Your 6 great products.

  15. Chuck

    Picked up the mag holster for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and love it. The fit is great, hold the mag firmly and will not allow it to come out unintentionally. Design and quality are great as well. Great value to top it off.

  16. Justin

    Couldn’t be happier. I called the day before and ordered a double Shield 9 mag pouch. It was ready by the next day! I went over, and they even modified it on sight while I waited upon my request. Let me tell you, this thing is not going anywhere. It’s rock solid, and well designed. It holds the mags up high and tight to the body. I can’t wait to use this more, and don’t foresee myself needing any other magazine carrier. Thanks OY6!

  17. Jeff B.

    I had been looking for a mag pouch specifically my Shield mags. A couple other brands stated the would work, but were for actual single stack mags.
    I found this brand browsing through forums. I ordered one, received it and that did it.
    It fit perfectly! I promptly ordered another.
    When I can afford it, I will be ordering more for my other sidearms.
    If their holsters are anything like their mag pouches, I’d be a fool not to try one.
    Due to their amount of business, they’re slow getting orders out the door.
    Yet, once they’re shipped, they only take two days to get here.

  18. Beefstews

    Love this product. Quality and fit are awesome. Like it so much I ordered another set. Thank you!

  19. Bentley

    I stumbled across On Your 6 Designs after being disappointed with the off the shelf options I was finding for my new carry pistol: other mag holsters were bulky and the “one size fits all” approach ranged anywhere from too tight to draw or too loose to stay put. On Your 6 solves those problems with a simple yet effective design tailored to my pistol’s actual magazines. Highly recommended.

  20. Kevin

    I have tried a few different options without the success I wanted/needed. On Your 6 Design double mag holster for my M&P Shield is superb. The design, construction, high and tight fit, plus security were perfect! The group is super responsive to email questions, and their delivery was ahead of predicted. Highly recommend this group and their products.
    Kevin D in Indianapolis IN

  21. Daniel Zimmerman

    Love it. Ordered an outside the pant single holster and it doesn’t print any more than my inside the pant gun holster does. Feels just like a small cellphone case and gives the added confidence of an extra magazine on my person at all times without taking up space in a pocket.

  22. Charlie D

    Wow! after reading all the reviews ,I can only say there true. Fine quality, fit, price and fast shipping. Nuff said. Thanks

  23. Josh

    Purchased the double 9mm Shield Mag holster…perfect fit and easy to cover under a t-shirt. Even owb rides tight to the body.

  24. James

    Very good magazine pouch, unobtrusive, secure, prompt shipping.

  25. Toby E

    Double mag holster is amazingi will be ordering a single to try that out next,keep up the great work!

  26. Kelly G

    I bought the double mag holster for my husband for Christmas. He absolutely loves it. It fits perfectly on his belt and keeps his extra mags handy all day. It stays right where he puts it.

  27. Ed Hoy

    I ordered the double magazine holsters with belt loops and decided on the 2″ loops to give me more versatility in belt choices. The magazines for the gun fit perfectly. As long as the belt is cinched snugly, the holster does not move when withdrawing the magazines from less than 2″ wide belts. Shipment was timely, and the product exceeded my expectations for the price! Excellent workmanship, comfort and apparent durability made for an outstanding product. I highly recommend this company.

  28. Shaun Parks

    First order I have placed with this company. Product is just as described. VERY well made quality construction. Fits IWB comfortable and tucks nicely. Formed perfectly to magazine holds securely but doesn’t hurt the ability to draw quickly. Just placed a 2nd order for an OWB holster and mag pouch for S&W M&P Shield. Company was MORE then willing to go the extra effort for customer satisfaction with this order. I have a couple more weapons that need new gear,Don’t see myself ordering from anyone else in the future. High quality service and products and you can’t beat that in the firearms community. Thanks On Your 6 Designs..

  29. Sam

    Bought the double for m&p 40c. Great retention and rides close. Just what I was looking for. Priced a lot lower to similar generic mag holsters by bigger names. On your 6 has earned more of my business. Keep up the great work guy’s.

  30. Lester Hickox

    Haven’t used it yet, but great workmanship as always!

  31. JB

    Great product! Thanks OY6! This mag holster has been the answer to my dreams. Great fit. Completely comfortable. No more trying to remember which pocket my backup mag is in. No more pocket fuzz or lint on my ammo. Quick and efficient processing of order, two weeks as promised. Great customer service. Completele satisfied.

  32. Jason

    I bought both the iwb and owb mag holster for my M&p shield, mainly because I wasn’t sure which one I would prefer. I like both but I use the iwb more often. For fifteen bucks you’d be crazy not to buy one, thats reason why I bought two. I’ve looked around and pretty much everywhere else there around thirty bucks or more. The holsters themselves have good retention (not too much and not too little just right), there light weight, compact, finished well and the clip they use fits well. I don’t generally like clips but the one they make for this mag holster locks on very well. I’ve been using these for a while now practicing mag changes and have never had the holster and magazine come out together (which is important). The only thing some people may not like is that the clip can be a little tough get under the belt. Personally I like that feature it makes it a little more reassuring that it’s not going to come off. Overall I’d have to say you really can’t beat the value of these holsters there inexpensive but not cheap quality. I’m definitely happy with my purchase.

  33. bjupe

    Very comfortable, fast shipping. This is a very well made magazine holder I highly recommend.

  34. Dann

    I purchased the dual magazine holder for my S&W M&P Shield 9mm as well as the OWB holster and they fit very nice, they stay close to the body for easy conceal. I also have these for my Sig P238. Perfect.

  35. Dan

    Very pleased with this mag pouch, I’ve ran it twice now, once at the range and the other at a class. The fit and finish is outstanding and the mags deploy very smoothly. Carry on the great work, cheers

  36. Jake Griffin

    Wonderful holster! I’d recommend it to any of my friends and family.

  37. K W

    I am very pleased with my mag holder, nice quality and fast delivery. I have since ordered a holster for a Ruger LCP.

  38. Don

    The mag holster for my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm is perfect. Excellent workmanship; exactly what I wanted and needed. Thank you.

  39. Bernardo

    Great product. I ordered a single mag for my shield and after seeing the quality I ordered a double mag which I used in the last IDPA Club match. It worked perfectly. I sure will recommend these magazines. Also ordered a Holster for the shield and it can be used OWB with only a T-shirt and a minimum of print.

  40. Gale

    This review is for craftsmanship and visual appearance. I have not used the double mag holster yet, but the fit, comfort, and craftsmanship are excellent. The holster is curved to fit the body and the retention on the magazines is good. I do recommend this product. There are not a lot of magazine holsters out there for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm magazines. Once yo find and purchase this one, you will not need any others.

  41. Bernardo

    Fantastic holster. For EDC and even I used in a IDPA Club match. Great holster.

  42. Hailey

    Upon first receiving the mag pouch I was a little disappointed and thought the retention was actually TOO tight. However, after going to the range I realized that the On Your 6 team knew exactly what they were doing with the retention. The for and finish of this product is spot on! I’m extremely pleased with this product and would not hesitate to purchase again from this company.

  43. Bradny Davila

    Awesome job , outstanding customer service.

  44. Robert

    My order was perfect, the pricing is superb, the mag holders are flawless, the quality is high, and they made them to my specifications. I couldn’t be more pleased. If you’re looking for a great product, for a great price, look no further.

  45. Darryl

    Excellent product. I used two mag holsters as a student at a recent defensive pistol shooting course ( . My shield mags stayed secured despite constant movement during numerous magazine changes. Top quality at a reasonable price.

  46. Rusty

    Quality is great and I would buy it again if needed, but I wish the retention was better on the S&W Shield magazine holsters. The Glock magazine holsters have a better retention.

  47. Dustin

    I have been very impressed with my new magazine holster. This was one of few places that offered a magazine holster specifically for a bodyguard and it has been exactly what I was looking for.

  48. Francis Quan

    After looking around at the stores in my area, I couldn’t find a mag holster I liked. Decided to take a chance with On Your 6 and I’m sure glad I did. The day the holster arrived, pulled out my mags and inserted them into the holster. Fit like a glove. Snug enough where I knew the mags wouldn’t fall out but give it a little tug and out they come. Just what I was looking for.

  49. Phillip

    M&P 9c IWB holster is my everyday carry rig. Super comfortable and concealable. I highly recommend On Your 6 they have been super.

  50. Jason adams

    This is an outstanding mag holster! The retention was so tight the first time I inserted the mag in that I had to use pliers to work the mag back out. After about 25 times of inserting and removing the mag she is broke in perfectly. I don’t have to worry about my mag flying out when running and when I want it out the mag comes out smoothly. This is a very nice product that I recommend to everyone I know that carries. My only complaint is there was not an “on your 6 designs” sticker in the bag with it.

  51. James

    I have been looking for a holster for my S&W M&P 9mm magazines for awhile now and decided to purchase a mag holster from On Your 6 Design I received it quicker than I thought I was going to get it which was great. The only issue I had was that the mag holster didn’t have any retention for the magazine it would fall out of the holster very easily. I called On your 6 and told them about the issue I was having and they said do not worry we will fix the issue and send you another holster immediately. I had the new holster a few days later and it worked perfectly. They responded to my problem quickly and fixed the issue without question. I would recommend them to anyone.

  52. Brandon

    Great! It held the mag a little to much at first, BUT it broke in within a week

  53. Clint

    Very please with this mag holster. Perfect fit and stays where you put it.

  54. Adam

    Absolutely satisfied with my order, exactly what I was looking for and have already recommended your company to others.

  55. Tai

    Exactly what I was looking for for my spare mag for my .40 S&W Shield concealed carry piece. It’s extremely comfortable, has no imprint, secures the mag extremely well, but releases the mag very easily when need be. Seeing as my Shield is only a single stack that holds 6 in the mag with one in the hole a spare mag and holder are essential. An all around great product. Will definitely be ordering more of their product.

  56. Adam

    Good fit, good product, exactly what I ordered.

  57. Steven

    Thoroughly pleased with the product, and the customer service has been thru the roof! Would definitely recommend friends to check them out!

  58. ron

    I bought this model because it has a low profile and take up little belt space. I was impressed with the qulity of the materials and workmanship. More than I expected for the price! When I test fitted a mag I found it very difficult to insert the last third of both an empty and full magazine. Extracting the mag was also difficult, requiring more effort than should be necessary. Out came the heatgun, a little heat to the lower third, some “finger moulding” and all is good! Inserts and extracts easily with just the right amount of tension.
    Over all, I like the mag holder, it’s what I’ve been looking for. I don’t believe one “fit” issue is indicative of the entire line of product, so four stars.

  59. Tom

    Love it thank you fits my belt perfect very comfortable

  60. Alex P

    My S&W Shield fits tight in my holster. Holster is comfortable to wear & easily concealable.

  61. Mark

    I love it

  62. Manuel Alonso

    It’s been two weeks since I got my Smith and Wesson compact 9mms holster owb and is all they say it is,love the retention easy to concealed attention to details and made in America,what else do you need. I recommend this holster to anyone who is looking into carrying extra ammo in a very reliable way, great job guys soon will be ordering a new gun holster from you keep the great work you do God Bless…..

  63. Gabe

    Great quality smooth release very reliable

  64. Anthony “Tony” L. Trotman

    Excellent and perfect product! Thanks OY6D!!

  65. Robert Slater

    Simple basic design. Magazines fit well. Rides close to the body on a 1-1/2 inch gun belt. Does just what it is supposed to do for a reasonable price.

  66. Dominic

    Had a double mag carrier made for my shield 9mm, the quality is excellent and i got it quick. I’ll definitely be buying more and i’m telling all my buddies about you guys. Keep up the good work.

  67. Keith Bragg

    It’s comfortable but it’s a little hard to get it to draw out of the holster but I’m satisfied with the craftsmanship of the holster and I recommend it to other…

  68. Dean

    Great product fast service at a fair price.

  69. William

    Ordered one for my Shield extra mag. I like the way the mag “snaps” into the holder, don’t have to worry about it falling out. Very well made, top quality, will last a life time! Very pleased with this purchase and I highly recommend this holder!

  70. Sam Walck

    Great mag holster, nice fit on the waist.
    Holds mags nice and tight. I will be ordering more for my other guns

  71. Allen Reed

    Hit the GUYS up for a holster for my S&W SD 9, They did an EXCELLENT job. Use the holster every day! NOT DISAPPOINTED!! Thanks ON YOUR 6 GOOD JOB!

  72. Mike

    Great mag holder and fast shipping!

  73. Mike melton

    Great product. Very happy with it. Fits perfect

  74. Ron

    First double magazine holster purchased for the M&P Shield .45. Awesome design, great look, good quality, reasonable price. Very happy. Will definitely order more product from these guys.

  75. Edwin Wentworth

    I purchased a magazine holster with my pistol holster and it is fantastic these are the best concealed carry products I have used

  76. omorales1226

    Firstly, i wanna thank, Jim, for accepting the task of making my custom-crafted S&W 3914 double-mag holster. Im greatful because the 3914 is a discontinued model; and even while it was in production it was very difficult to find quality, kydex accessories. With that said, i absolutely love my dual-mag carrier. Great quality construction. Light and comfortable to wear. And fantastic customer service from Jim and Richard. Gentlemen, thank you for your attention to prouct detail and craftsmanship. Will continue to support you guys.

  77. guitarguy1133

    I bought the single mag holster for my full size M&P .40 and the fit is great, but the retention is a little loose for me. I can turn it upside down and give it one shake and it falls out. But other than that the only other issue is the clip didn’t fit my belt and I had to cut off the J lip and turn it into a 90 degree angle because my belt was too thick… my belt is 1.5″ and the clip is made for a 1.5″ belt but i have an extra thick gun belt that kept the J lip from grasping all the way around the belt. after cutting it to a 90 degree angle, it works just fine. I am waiting for my actual gun holster to come in and I assume ill have to do the same to it to get the belt clip to fit properly… my belts thickness is 0.33″ thick, whereas it seems the belt clips only support up to around .25″ – .30″ thickness. I purchased a Double mag holster just now and I’m HOPING the loops are either bigger than the clips OR are able to be bent because I dont think i’d be able to cut the loops without completely ruining the way it attaches to the belt. I may just have to heat the loops up and try to bend them outward a bit. We’ll see when it gets here. If any staff is reading this, might i suggest you increase your belt clip and loops to support thicker belts (the thickest belt i’ve ever seen is the one i have which is .33″ thick.)

  78. Ed McCarthy

    Just received the double mag holster for my new M&P 9mm EZ. Excellent quality holster with an exact fit for the mags. Nice work!

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