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Frequently Asked Questions

We use Kydex/Boltaron. These rigid plastics are ideal for holsters because they are lightweight, easy to form, and most importantly, durable.

Leather has been the traditional choice for holsters for decades. But modern firearm owners now demand more from their holsters. Kydex is valued for its versatility, it’s light weight, and immense strength. We can make better holsters faster using Kydex than we can leather.

No, Kydex holsters are form fitted to your particular model of firearm. This means there is no break-in period whatsoever.

We use 0.060 thickness. We believe this to be the perfect thickness for holsters because it is light enough to disappear on your hip but durable enough to protect your pistol from day-to-day use.

No, we just recommend wiping out your holsters once a month to clean out dust and lint. With minimal maintenance, you’ll have a reliable holster for years to come.

Lead times can vary depending on holiday times. On average the lead time is 10 to 12 BUSINESS  days to manufacture and ship your custom Kydex holster.

On Your 6 Designs is proud to make custom Kydex holsters for a huge variety of brands and models of firearms. Chances are if you want to carry it, we have a holster for it.

Your firearm can develop some holster wear over an extended period of time. However, keeping the concealed carry holster clean this will help to reduce the amount of wear. Kydex has a smooth surface inside unlike leather which has an abrasive texture that can cause the finish of your firearm to wear down. We recommend that you wipe your holster out at least once a month to clean out dust, lint, and debris.

We are always trying to add new models and brands to our inventory. Please send us an email If we can get our hands on your model we will let you know ASAP and will happily make you a custom Kydex holster.

No, every holster is handmade to fit the exact model you buy. We believe that the only thing “universal” about one-size-fits-all holsters is that they are universally of cheap quality and fit your firearm poorly. That’s why we make each holster individually.

You can call us at (210)362-1549 or email us at If you are within your 30-day return policy we will issue you an RMA #. Once we receive your item back, your refund will take 48 to 72 business hours to process. Depending on your bank, your refund could take up to 3 business days.

If you run into any issues with our holsters all we ask is that you call us at (210) 362-1549 or email us at We can walk you through the process or we will ship your holster that better fits your model of firearm.

On Your 6 Designs offers custom Kydex holsters in both inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband models. Whatever your preference for concealed carry, we have a holster that meets your needs.

If the gun is holstered and the belt clip is on the right side you have a right-handed concealed carry holster. If the belt clip is on the left side you have a left-handed concealed carry holster.

No, our IWB holsters are designed to be only worn inside the waistband, just as our OWB holsters are meant for wear outside the waistband.

Yes. On Your 6 Designs makes single and double magazine holsters for a number of brands and models of concealed carry firearms. Our single mag holsters come in both IWB and OWB options, with double mag holsters available in an OWB option.

If your particular gun belt is too large or small for the clips or loops that come with your custom Kydex holster, On Your 6 Designs offers a variety of sizes of belt loops and clips to create a tailored concealed carry experience.

You can quickly adjust the cant of your concealed carry holster by slightly loosening the screws that hold the loops or clips in place, and shifting the loop or clip. This allows you to adjust the cant of the Kydex holster to meet your preferred style of drawing.

All of our holsters are handmade in Texas. Our store is located at: 5417 Jackwood Drive San Antonio, TX 78238.

We hand make each of our custom Kydex holsters and ship your order in 12 to 14 Business days. We would like to get orders done faster but we like to make sure we take our time and ensure a great product is sent out. We test for retention, comfort, and finish on each concealed carry holster before it is mailed to you.

We ship out using USPS Priority Mail so on average only 2-3 days to receive your order. Each order comes with tracking and insurance.

We only charge a flat $9.25 for shipping. On Your 6 Designs uses USPS Priority Mail with tracking and insurance.

Our lifetime warranty covers the entire holster (clip, eyelet, screws, slabs, and of course the holster itself). You can find out more about our amazing lifetime warranty here.

Yes, our holsters can be worn in the small of the back, however, we do not recommend it. Although it is ok to wear your IWB concealed carry holster in the small of the back, there are a lot of variables to take into account. If you are involved in a car accident, fall down backward, or get into an altercation with someone who tries to get you on your back, you have the full force of that weapon going into your spine which can lead to serious injury. If you still decide to carry here make sure that you order the concealed carry holster that is meant for the opposite of the hand you are going to draw with (for right-handed shooters, order a left-handed holster, and left-handed shooters should order a right-handed holster) this allows the firearm grip to face the dominant hand.

Yes, we do. We proudly offer 10% discount to all Police, Military, and First Responders. Just shoot us an email to get your coupon code.

If you’d like to learn more about our products or concealed carry techniques, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel. We also keep a regular blog that talks about all things concealed carry, Every Day Carry, and more.

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