Custom Kydex Gun Holsters

The #1 Kydex Holster in America

  • Byrna

BRAND NEW DESIGN On Your 6 IWB Pro Holsters.

When you’re concealing a firearm, you want a holster that is comfortable, slim, and durable. You won’t find anything better than the custom Kydex gun holsters for IWB and OWB concealed carry from On Your 6 Designs. We stand out from the competition by custom forming each holster to your particular brand and model of firearm. The result is an incredible level of retention, ensuring your firearm stays on your hip where it belongs. From the Kydex we use to the belt clips we install, all the way down to the eyelets on each holster, we never compromise the high-quality of materials we use when crafting your custom concealed carry holster.