Glock Custom Kydex Magazine Holster

Glock Custom Kydex Magazine Holster

(136 customer reviews)
(136 customer reviews)

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Double Glock Magazine Holsters Description

Our Double Glock magazine holsters are made to sit tight to the body to help conceal them for everyday carry. Lightweight and curved to the body, you will forget you are carrying 2 extra Glock mags!

Note: All Double Glock magazine holsters come standard bullets facing Forward. Make sure you choose the correct position for you.

On Your 6 Designs makes Custom Kydex Magazine Holsters For Glock models:

43 Only (Not 43X)

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A
Glock Models

43X, 48, 43 (Not 43X), 42, 17,22,31, G45, 19,23,32, 26,27,33, 20,21, 29,30, 36

Holster Capacity



Out of the Waist Band


Right (Side of body), Left (Side of body)

Bullets Facing

Forward, Rear

Belt Size

Includes all sizes


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136 reviews for Glock Custom Kydex Magazine Holster

  1. Jamie

    Great product, great price. I have the double for G19 mags, sits tight to the body, fits mags perfectly, been using it for almost a year with no wear, issues, etc…
    Can’t recommend highly enough.

  2. Lonnie

    perfet fit for my clock 42 i got the 2 mag and don’t even feel them can’t go wrong

  3. Matthew Osani

    i bought magazine holsters for glock 19 iwb and owb. excellent product at half the cost of similar offerings. simple design. works as advertised

  4. chris

    I ordered one of these mag carriers to go with my AIWB holster at the same time. It has proven to be very secure and easy to put on and remove. Same with the holster, I would definitely order again!

  5. Jim “B”

    Really like’m, they are the best I have found any where. Got the single mag pouch for my Glock 21 & 17. They are well made & mags fit like a glove. I wear one or the other almost everyday at work (LGS) and they are holding up just like the day I got them. Will be ordering the double mag pouches very soon—great product.

  6. Bill

    Fantastic mag pouches. I have them for Glock 30s, Glock 42, Glock 43, and Springfield Armory EMP. All are perfect fit and work exceptionally well. I loaned one to a friend who immediately ordered his own.

  7. Anthony c

    Amazing concealment from an amazing company! I am gladly returning back to onyour6designs and purchasing more.

  8. Mark

    Reasonably priced and solid. Stays put and doesn’t come off the belt when removing the mag. I’d buy it again.

  9. mike tomlinson

    I purchased the single mag inside the pants holster for the g42 as well as the double mag holster for the same gun. they are great. fit the mag perfect. and conceal well. I carry the single mag holster every day 7 days a week. love them and would and will buy another inside the pants single mag holster as they conceal under tee shirt better than outside mag holster. I just shoot the club defensive pistal match with these and they were great.

  10. Steven

    I first ordered an owb holster for my g43. Better quality than any brand i have ever owned, such good quality that i had to buy the iwb holster too and a double mag pouch. Everyone of them fits the gun and magazines perfectly. Will be ordering more.

  11. Ernest W Kamber Jr

    EXCELLENT!!! Great fit, great quality at a great price. Thank you.

  12. Joshua B.

    I have also reviewed my Glock holster which I had made for my G26. I had a single mag IWB holster made at the same time. As with the holster, price, time for delivery and finish are awesome, and when compared to the competition will keep me as a return customer. I gave this mag holster only four stars because I found that the gap between the belt clip and the kydex was too wide. In its original delivered configuration I came off my belt almost every time. Let me add a huge “by-the-way” right here, I don’t have a real gun belt yet so that is most likely the issue, in fact I’m sure it is. However, my solution was to flip the belt clip over and use it as a “J” clip where the belt clip fits between the side of the pant and the belt. This works perfectly. This is my first mag carrier, and I think that I will be going with OWB mag carriers from here on out. It conceals well, but is very uncomfortable, which I’m sure is mostly universal, because it is both thick and narrow and tends to jab into my side no matter what I position it. Like I said, the negatives are far outweighed by the positives. I look forward to working with you all in the future.

  13. Garret

    Love this mag holster for my G19. I loved that fact that they are customizable. You can choose whether you want bullets facing forward or rear. This is all tied to a person’s reloading style. Excellent retention and quality. Rivals the “Rav*n” line of holsters at 1/3 the price.

    Customer service is top shelf as well!

    Will do business again!

  14. Anthony

    I had to do a lot of looking around before finding the right magazine holster. The holster is comfortable and lightweight so perfect for concealed carry. I’m impressed with the quality of these and I’m equally impressed with OnYour6Designs handling of my order. Keep up the great work!

  15. Reggie

    I am very happy with my g43 magazine holster. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I have already recommended to a friend. This is the second product I have bought from on your 6 design. Look forward to doing business with them in the future.

  16. wm powell

    i use the double mag holder for competition. really nice. it was a little to tight making the mags hard to get out. I saw a you tube video of someone using a hairdryer to reshape the kydex. I did it and the mags are now PERFECT with retention. Don’t use to much heat, just 30 seconds or so and wiggle the mag.

  17. Octavio Cazares

    Great product at a great price! fits my Glock 30 Mags perfectly.

  18. perry gage

    I bought the owb mag holder love it does what they say great deal for the price

  19. Tom Janda

    Excellent quality and workmanship. I tried several mag pouches for Glock 42 and all were marginal at best. This was perfect. Also ordered one for a Glock 20, same results. Secure click when mag is fully inserted and draw is very smooth. I’ll be ordering additional mag pouches in the future because I find them to be superior for my needs.

  20. Chris

    I ordered the glock g43 double mag holster and it is awesome! I love it. Super sleek so you can conceal it easily even though it’s owb. Very clean kydex nice edges, wonderful craftsmanship all around. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because I wish there was a screw where the rivot is so I can tighten the retention when it loosens over time. But overall wonderful product! Thank you for your services. I will be ordering more in the future.

  21. Rusty

    Works great with my G26 magazines. Excellent retention – fits the magazines perfect. I have a dual mag holster. The belt clips and shape of the holster fits snug. No adjustment needed. Perfect as-is.

  22. Donald

    Ordered the IWB magazine holders (2) for my G30. They worth very well and allow placement based upon different pants with pants loops placed at different locations, including 5.11 tactical, cargo pants, jeans and dress slacks. Definitely recommend them, and have ordered a second set for my G36

  23. larry

    Bought a single owb for my G43 and G19 they work great but the G43 was a little tighter than I would like. Added a. Little heat and it works perfectly.

  24. Sam

    Received product within a few days and it was just as advertised. Fit and quality were outstanding, will definitely order again. Highly recommend their products.

  25. MacKay

    Hands down a wonderful product at a very aggressive price point. Had I known the build quality and shipping speed before I ordered, I would have ordered other items. I will be purchasing other items in the near future. Thank you “On Your 6” and keep up the good work.

  26. Tyler newbaker

    This is a solid holster, holds mags tight with no play. And it pulls in tight to your body so there isn’t much printing

  27. Greg

    Excellent and simple mag holsters that work everyday and at a great price. I have 4 of these now. 2 for my Glock 19 and 2 for my Glock 30S.

  28. Tony G

    This was just what I’ve been looking for. I ordered one for my Glock 30 Gen4 and one for my wife’s Glock 26 Gen4, and we both like the fit; ease of putting it on, without taking belt off, but won’t come off accidentally. Had tried a military pouch with flap closure and velcro, but I didn’t like and it hang low on waistline. With these mag holster, it sits high, just like my gun holster and I don’t have to worry about my shirt being to short and perhaps exposing my concealed mag. Also, easy to get to it in an emergency. I ordered one for each different gun just to check it out. Will be ordering a few more. Next time I visit San Antonio, I’ll have to bring my knife and Surefire flashlight and have you make me a holster for them.

    Thanks for a great product.

    Tony G

  29. Lance

    Most comfortable mag carrier I have used. I have 2 of the single G19 magazine holster. It stays put and doesn’t dig in. No reduced mobility, either, which is great. This would make a great gift for gun folks.

  30. Dennis

    6 makes a great product at a great price. The Glock mag holsters are as advertised. Works well. Thanks

  31. Zack

    Excellent quality mag carrier! I have the dual mag carrier and it has since become part of my EDC, easily worth double what they charge for it. I like how the retention is non adjustable and is held in by the mag catch. It retains the mags really well and they draw smooth. I also like its low profile and how it hugs the body, I have a skinny build and I’m able to conceal it under a shirt even though it’s OWB. That being said it could be a little more compact lengthwise, but overall this mag Carrier is 10/10. I use it everyday and would definitely recommend it to anyone that carries.

  32. James

    Great OWB magazine pouch. Mine is for the Glock 19, fits great, very unobtrusive, and prompt shipping.

  33. Ron

    Exactly what was expected

  34. Matt

    PERFECTION! Just what I needed and wanted. Super happy!

  35. Stu

    I couldn’t be happier with this dual mag holster. Way beyond expectations with product and delivery. I’ll be ordering for all my set-ups in the near future. Thanks again!

  36. ronald

    Perfect for my Glock 17 mag. Good fit and retention. Great company with great products.

  37. JB

    Ordered mag holster for Glock G30. Very pleased with build time and shipping time, two weeks as promised. That’s impressive since OY6 doesn’t have a stockpile of these sitting on their shelves. Great fit on the belt. Very comfortable to wear. Put it on and forget that it’s there. Flexibility on the belt for changing situations. By that I mean easy to slide position around on belt when changing from car CCW situation to restaurant CCW situation. Fits all my G30 mags … 10-rd, 13-rd, and 17-rd. All around great product! Thanks OY6!

  38. David

    I bought two – double holders for my Glock 19.
    Great option for me as a lefty! Custom for right hand removal and bullet forward postion
    Well constructed.
    Smooth edges.
    Pressure grip is tight enough that the magazine can not be shaken out but not so tight as to impede the exchange.
    Interchangeable belt loops.

  39. Adrian

    Good product , fitted perfect on my glock 26 magazine . Recomend it .

  40. Johann M. Kim

    Very good holster. Great retention. Awesome price.

  41. Kyle

    Ordered an IWB mag holster. Amazing quality and craftsmanship! Will definitely be ordering again!

  42. Will

    Great product at a great price!

  43. Lenny

    Perfect fit. Exactly what I was looking for.

  44. Gerald Young

    I received my double mag pouch for my glock 19 about 2 weeks ago. The quality of the work is second to none. Mags are held in place with just the right tension. It’s been carried in the 7-9 o’clock position on my belt depending on the belt loop location. Found to be very comfortable.

  45. Andrew

    Right on

  46. Andrew

    Great work guys

  47. Larry Anderson

    Just what i was looking for! Could not be more satisfied. The design is great .Look forward doing more business with
    you all. You have a very good product.

  48. Max

    I enjoy this mag holster. Nice, durable Kydex material. The mags do not slip out.

    I would suggest purchasing a shooting belt if you do not already have one because this holster is not a slip on clip. It would be a pain if you need to take the holster on and off several times in one sitting. Other than that I really enjoy this holster.

  49. David Kaufman

    What do I like about the mag holster? It’s simple, inexpensive and does it’s job. I’m a pragmatist. I don’t need bells and whistles (unless I’m paying for bells and whistles). I wanted a mag holder to carry an extra mag when I concealed-carry. The molding is tight enough to hold the mag but not too tight. The belt clip is strong enough to grip my belt but I can still remove it without taking off my belt. Thanks for making a good product for a good price.

  50. Kirk W. Albaugh

    This clip holster is sturdy, fits the belt well, and it’s safe/non-drop out design; secures the magazines firmly. The body contoured feature, is comfortable for the wearer. It’s great with the Model 22, as you can carry 45 rounds!
    A really good product at a great price!

  51. Johnie Bustillo

    One of a kind from San Antonio TX! Just wanted to go locally, its a great product an recommend others to buy from “OnYour6Designs”!! I should be coming in sometime before this year is over an have my EAA Windicator 357 mag revolver molded out for appendix carry…Thanks again!

  52. Rafael E. Vega


  53. James

    Works exactly as advertised. Mag tension is great. Craftsmanship is too. I already told a friend to buy it.

  54. J.D. Simeone

    Best price on excellent quality gear. I been using On Your 6 for 2 years now, and will continue to.

  55. Joe

    I bought a double mag holster for $50 4 years ago, and it’s not half the quality as my new On Your 6, & I paid only half as much for my On Your 6

  56. Tony Lenzi

    Needed an owb mag holder for my G36. Wanted it in of green to match my Phobis own holster. As any one knows that owned a Glock 36, acessories are sometimes hard to find. I just happened upon On Your 6 Designs while searching the web. They were able to custom make the dual mag holster with my options and had it to me in just over a week. Great fit and finish. Will do business with these guys again.

  57. Scott

    Great retention, awesome quality, best price out there. Can’t go wrong with this product

  58. Kyle

    Good value. I got mine for concealed carry.

    Pros: good value, fast shipping, perfect magazine retention, easily slips on to belt.

    Cons: it does print a little with just a t-shirt (most likely my fault, I’m updating my clothes to “dress to the gun”), travels on the belt (slides along the belt between the two belt loops, could be corrected with grip tape on the inside of the belt clip).

    I would recommend this single mag holder. For $15 ($22 including shipping) it’s a good value, durable, feels of good quality, looks good, and works.

  59. Cody

    Really comfortable to wear, great quality! Can’t wait to order for some of my other edc pistols!

  60. Rusty

    Excellent quality. Excellent retention. The belt clip is wide and very durable. Easy to put on when you are wearing your belt, but difficult to take off without removing the belt first. All in all, a great product.

  61. Garrett Llewellyn

    Very well made Mag Holster! Fits tight to the body and has very nice retention. Also you cant beat the price!! Highly recommend

  62. Bruce Stephens

    I own three magazine holsters for three different Glocks and really like the snap-in feel when inserting the magazine into the holster. Excellent construction. Highly recommend.

  63. Chet

    All I can say is excellent job!!! Thank you.

  64. Barry Mountcastle

    Great look with the Black Carbon Fiber, fits very well.

  65. Ray

    I was very pleased with it. I used it in combat shooting course last weekend

  66. Stacy Oliver

    I’ve owned many different types of magazine holders and this one is the best. My Glock 43 mags snap in firmly and ride tight against my waist. I often forget that I’m carrying two extra reloads. Thanks for a great product at a great price. I will return for future purchases.

  67. Robert Phillips

    This is a great product, just what I’ve been looking, double glock mag holder, Great sevice also, fit is perfect, just ordered my Glock 43 holster.

  68. Garza

    Great fit. Very comfortable…
    Customer service was also the best around..

  69. Brandon

    excellent fit!

  70. Patrick

    Mags are just as they said. Good quality. A good buy, if you have looked at other mags. I recommend.

  71. Jon K Beltram

    Love my Glock 30 double mag holster! Great fit for everyday wear! Just like my Kydex Glock 30 holster. Love your products!

  72. Michael L McBride

    I was very impressed with the magazine holders I ordered for my Glock 36 and 30. The mag holders are very sturdy and hold the magazine firmly in place. I carry everyday and do not have to worry about my extra magazine falling out. Wearing it is very comfortable for an IWB mag holder. The price point too is aggressive in a wide field of competitors. Overall, I am pleased and would highly recommend you consider Onyour6designs.

  73. Brian Platte

    Plug and play right out of the box. There’s no better feeling.

  74. Roland Deschain

    The perfect compliment to, and combination with, the awesome holster.

  75. Rich Runnells

    Its great it stays high and tight to my waste. I would highly recommend the mag holsters to anyone looking for one. Thanks guys

  76. Jack Grady

    Very good piece of gear. Well made & study Should give a long service life.

  77. Harold Masse

    very comfortable with little bulge showing through my clothing. great job, guys !!

  78. Clint

    Solid mag holder! Well made

  79. Clint

    Solid mag holder! Well made. Shipped fast!

  80. A.Harris

    I liked how it curves around your waist not stands hard, kind loops around the belt. I am def getting more mag holders.

  81. Mellissa

    Great fit. Tight to body for great comfort and easy concealment. Nice and thin. Materials seem very sturdy and I expect great durability.

  82. W Brackins

    Great fit and finish. It’s every thing you said it would be. Thanks

  83. Chad

    Very nice holster, but one of my magazines (front) is impossible to get out one handed. I’m not sure if I need to break it in? I do like it and it is very low profile. Well worth the money but be aware of possible tightness.

  84. Mike

    Awesome for iwb spare mag concealment

  85. Mike Bovelsky

    Well made, perfect fit. For my Glock magazine. Fits well over my belt. Very impressed. Very high quality.

  86. Tony Higgins

    Great product and a great price.

  87. Richard Blankenship

    High quality product.Mags fit well. Comfortable to wear

  88. Andrew Morris

    Great retention, secure mounting, nice finish, truly a wonderful mag carrier, and delivered much faster than I ever expected.

  89. Steve B.

    Nice fitting, light weight.

  90. GTT52

    I ordered two holsters, one for my G-27 and the other for my Kahr CW-45. Both holsters exceeded my expectations. The quality and price were great. I appreciate the holster’s thin material especially for an IWB style holster.

  91. Mike smith

    This is without a doubt the most comfortable mag holder I own. I like the way it is curved to fit your hip area. I wish my other holders were built like this one plus it matches my holster perfectly. I have told all my buddies about your site and told them to give your products a try. I will definitely be back when I need another holster. Thanks for making such a fine product…..

  92. David

    Great holster. Great customer service. What more can you ask for from a company?! I was in need of a mag holster for a defense class. They got me the holster with time to spare. I will be a repeat customer with On Your 6 Designs as they true lily had my back.

  93. Peter

    Works very well. But am wondering about the rivet attachment versus the screw-donut-insert configuration. That’s because of the event that the holder loosens up, I’ll have to send it in for adjustment at the factory, versus just tighten the screw. But this may not happen, as the fit is rather snug right now.

  94. Ricky L. Lamona

    Great ….

  95. Jason

    Fit is good. It is very comfortable to wear and it hold the mags in real good. Keeps them from falling out but easy to get them when you need to

  96. Will

    I got the single IWB G43 mag pouch
    Pro – price
    Cons – Dont like the clip. Does not easily fit over my 5.11 1.5in instructor belt.
    Not enough of the pouch is below the clip, therefore it it top heavy and protrudes outward.


    • On Your 6

      Hi Will,

      I’m sorry to hear you are disappointed with this purchase. The magazine should not feel top heavy in the mag holster. I will email you so that we can go over the details to get this and the clip issue resolved. On Your 6 Designs wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.


  97. Jim E.

    Fits perfect. Love it!

  98. Kregg Galbreath

    Very good minimal design. Not bulky and positions the magazine very well at 7 or 8 o’clock. Sturdy j-hook style belt clip. I ordered with the 1.5 inch clip because my carry belts are 1.5 inch. I found that the positions of the belt loops on my pants situated the belt a little lower than the length of the belt clip was able to allow clearance for the top of my pants. I ordered a 1.75 inch clip and the clearance is perfect and allows me to put on and take off the magazine holder as designed.

  99. Matt

    Great customer service and holster. Fit is perfect and holds the mag perfect without any rattle. Tried multiple mag holders before and this one is by far the best quality for the price!

  100. Tim Long

    I want to let anyone who is interested in a good Magazine Holster, these are the ones you need. I purchased three one for a Glock G19, another for a G27, and the last one for a G43. The holsters are great. I carry mine everyday. I also want to mention this company provides the best customer service. I sent them a couple of emails and had quick responses to all the questions I had. I even had a problem with a belt I was using with the holsters and they solved it at no additional cost to me. I will be recommending these mag holsters and this company to everyone I know. I am a very satisfied customer. A special thanks goes out to Jim!!!!!

  101. William

    Shipping and delivery fast. Had same product on order with my standard source with 9 week leadtime. Canceled and placed with Onyour6 and had product in 1 week. Product was of same quality at half the price. Recommend Onyoyr6 to others.

  102. Dean

    Excellent quality and overall product at a great price.

  103. Mcarlos117

    This is great mag holster. I am honestly very impress with it. I have a bravocealment mag holster and this feels a lot better great product. I will be buying again soon.

  104. Mario

    I got the double mag holster for a Glock 43 for my wife to carry when heading to work. Very confutable and can’t even tell you have it on. The craftsmen ship on it is amazing. We absolutely like the product so much I order another one for my Glock 27 magazines. Keep up the good work onyour6 great stuff.

  105. Mario

    This is such an amazing product I can’t believe it’s only 30 bucks. We got this for my wife’s Glock 43 mag holster and let me tell you this is so awesome. I just order a mag holster for my Glock 27 amazing job.

  106. Vince

    Extremly comfortable and stays concealed even with just a T-shirt on.

  107. Mike

    Excellent quality, fit and finish. Exactly as described on the website. I’ve only had it about 2 weeks but I can tell it is built to last. Looks great, works great. Will definitely recommend this product to friends and family.

  108. Lance

    This is a good product and the service was excellent. It is a little top heavy unless it perfectly is matched to a 1 and a half inch belt. I would (and have) recommended it to others.

  109. Eric

    These guys make a great holster. Fit my glock 21sf with the perfect amount of retention and I like the overall shape also. They were upfront about the lead time and they met that promise. I’ll be buying again for other pistols.

  110. Kenneth White

    Completely satisfied with mag holster and will buy from you again!

  111. Dave DiSanti

    I am very pleased with this holster, I recommend your products to the Police Officer when we discuss gear.

  112. Dave DiSanti

    I recommend your gear to my friends and co workers

  113. Joe

    Very well made product. Fits well.

  114. Craig Hill

    Very nice. Well made

  115. Steven

    Perfect snap fit. Great looks in carbon fiber black. Comfortable and the perfect accessory when more rounds are needed.

  116. Michael

    Got this to carry some spare Glock 21 mags for my 30S, I’m pleased with it. It can also carry the 10rd 30S mags, can’t speak for the 9rd mags though it might be a little close

  117. Dean Pettikas

    I ordered 2 of the magazine holsters and had used them for 5-6 months until one of them had the belt clip bend. I thought it was strange only one of the holsters had that problem and I don’t know why it happened. I called OnYour6 and three days later I received a new belt clip. GREAT customer service.
    I would recommend their products to anyone.

  118. Kevin Holcomb

    Just a quick review of my recent purchase of your Kydex single magazine holster. The ordering process was quick and easy. The magazine arrived in a very timely manner. Upon inspection, I was pleased with the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials used. It was exactly as represented on the website. I have used it daily since receiving it. The fit of the Kydex matches the contours of the Glock 42 factory magazines perfectly. I would highly recommend this product for anyone wanting a high quality piece of gear and a very reasonable. I appreciate your company for taking pride in your products.

  119. J. McLellan

    These are awesome products from an awesome company. The products themselves are well made and durable. I used them in a pistol tactics course which included shooting prone. No issues whatsoever with the holster or mag pouches. Neither my pistol or magazines fell out during the course. I also like the fact that they tuck into your body for a lower profile.

    I will order from this company again.

  120. Cliff C.

    I ordered the double mag pouch for a Glock 22 and in a very short amount of time it was at my doorstep. The construction of the case is to notch and is my everyday carry case as a police detective. I have already ordered a replacement holster for my weapon. I strongly recommend this company and their products.

  121. Mike Lissow

    Very well built, mag retention is very good and comfortable to wear. The belt clip is absolutely perfect with my Alien Gear gun belt. It stays in place with no shifting. Very happy your product! Will order more.

  122. Bob Starnes

    Exactly what I was looking for, great price great product. Will definitely refer to all friends.

  123. Mike N

    Awesome product! Will definitely get more when needed.

  124. Charles L. Ostermann

    I was initially somewhat disappointed with the tight fit on the mag holsters especilly the iwb single. Icalled customer service to find out if the mag holsters were somehow adjustable for fit. She explained that they were adjustable using a heat gun. After working with both holsters the double works perfect. The single is still a little tight but we’ll keep working on it and I’m sure it too will be fine. I understand that for some applications you would want them tighter than looser and I have no problem having to adjust them to personal taste and application requirements.

    To sum up ; The workmanship is great!
    The fact that they are adjutable to personal preference is great!
    The light weight is great!
    The customer sevice was prompt and courteous, and the fact that the company was willing to
    make them over was impressive.
    The turn around time for a made to order Item was really fast.

    I have since ordered 2 more
    Thanks for your interest,
    Charles L.

  125. William Harding

    First IWB mag carrier, for a G19 15 round mag. Holds mag securely but gives easy access to mag. Low profile, does not poke me in the side sitting. Clip holds it solidly to my belt. Almost forgot it was tucked in when I took off my holster. I will recommend this IWB mag carry to my friends.

  126. Travis Smith

    Purchased a dual mag holder for the wife’s Glock 42. It appears to be very well made. She has only used it at the range once, but it worked great so far. Holds the mags with just the right amount of retention, not too tight, and not too loose. Very happy with our purchase.

  127. Brandon

    Great magazine holster very happy broke the clip on it and had one sent out to me the next day arrived 2 days later great product great communication great company will be back

  128. Bert Fernandez

    I purchased an OWB mag holster for a Glock 26. Well constructed holster and mag fits snugly. I wish there was a more positive click when holstered, like with pistols. (This is my first Kydex mag holster so I’m unsure if any others do.) Magazine does not fall out though. Clip holds magazine firmly to the belt. It’s a little hard to take off because it doesn’t have tab for leverage. (But that could be a good thing as well.) This company provides an excellent product at a very reasonable price.

  129. Nick Rodriguez

    What a terribly great product. I was so excited when I received my mag holster in the mail. Put it on my belt and walked around the house. Amazing product and I will highly recommend everyone take a look at your products.

  130. Joseph

    Just received my dual mag holster for my Glock 26, and it is fantastic! It’s very light weight and has good retention on the magazines. I can comfortably wear mine at the 1 o’clock position without any discomfort, even while seated. This was well worth the wait and I’m very glad I made the purchase from On Your 6 Designs, will come here for additional gear in the future!

  131. Larry Brangers

    I must say that I am highly impressed with the quality and design of my single magazine holster for my G19. Had I known it would have been this nice I would have ordered more at that price. It is refreshing to find a high quality product at such a reasonable price. I highly recommend their magazine holsters. I now find myself checking out their gun holsters.

  132. Cameron

    Excactly what I wanted. Does the job. No issues

  133. jasonmmiller1975

    Not only great customer service, but amazing quality as well! I ordered a double Glock mag holster on March 1st for an upcoming defensive firearms class and was worried that, with their 7-10 day lead time, I wouldn’t receive it in time. I sent off an email and received a response within 24 hours saying they would get it in the mail ASAP. I received it on March 12 and all I can say is, “WOW!” I own quite a few mag pouches and holsters and this one is, by far, the best I have seen. Excellent retention, comfortable, nice clean lines. What more could I ask for? I will be ordering a lot more stuff in the very near future. Definitely recommend. Thanks again guys.

  134. MB

    Bought this product for my G30 mags back in May. Great product overall and excellent value. Fit and finish are top notch! I like the customizability options. Fits my belt perfectly with the 1.5” clip an doesn’t move unless I make it move. So far, it has held up well to use every day and shows little to no wear for the amount of abuse it has taken being OWB. I will most definitely be considering this product again for my handgun mags in the future!

  135. Wes

    I heard about this company from a stranger on reddit. Based largely on their enthusiasm I purchased the double and single magazine holsters for the Glock 43. The retention/molding is perfect. The finishing on the kydex is excellent. Edges are exactly right. There is nothing lazy, cheap, or slapdash about the product. This is what you’d do yourself if you had the time, materials, and skill. Shipping was quick and I got exactly what I ordered. Buy with confidence. I know I’ll be back.

  136. Mel W.

    Made a quick visit to their shop to pick up my order, OWB double mag holster and even though the visit was brief, the customer experience was extremely positive. The quality of the double mag holster is top notch and I would not hesitate buying from On Your 6 Designs again. As a first time handgun owner, this was the first time buying a mag holster and I suggest buying the holster with Bullets Facing Forward. The natural hand positioning and movement of removing the mag from the holster and inserting into the handgun is with the Bullets Facing Forward.

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