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On Your 6 Designs Holsters For a strong, lightweight concealed carry holster look no further than this design.

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The best of the best concealed holsters have to do two things. First and foremost, they have to hold your firearm securely and second, they have to be comfortable to wear. This is regardless of whether the gun and holster is worn inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB). On Your 6 Designs holsters easily achieve both of these primary missions.

On Your 6 Designs is a San Antonio, Texas based family owned company that originated in 2011. Their business moniker is that they make every holster by hand right here in the Good Ole USA. Their holster designs are among the lightest and most comfortable holsters on the market.

The greatest testimony to this is trying one out and actually wearing it over extended periods of time, which I have done. The model I have fits my 1911 handguns. You may ask why I would choose to conceal carry such a large, heavy pistol? Certainly I could argue and agree that a 1911 is not by any means an ideal β€œcarry” gun, but I picked it just for that reason. It is heavy, and bulky to wear OWB as a concealed gun. What better way I thought to test out this holster design. And I had another concealed carry fanatic try it out as well with equally good results.

On Your 6 Designs holsters are fabricated from the thermoplastic commonly known by its official trade name Kydex. This makes the holster durable and long wearing, but the material is also flexible enough to bend, mold, and fit to your body shape for a comfortable wear. Each holster comes with an adjustable cant system built in so the rig can be worn comfortably in any position that works for the end user.

These holsters are manufactured for nearly all popular pistol models including 1911s, Beretta, Bersa, Glocks, HK, Kahr, Keltec, Kimber, Ruger, SCCY, Sig, Smith, Springfield Armory, FNH, and Taurus. That pretty much covers the waterfront. They also make matching magazine holders for many models in single and double mag carry. These holsters also come in a wide variety of colors from black, OD, pink, blue, and many others in various belt sizes. They are also very affordable, come with a lifetime warranty.

See their web site at to view the full display of models and colors available. The web site also has a Blog and YouTube videos illustrating their products. If you carry concealed, you need this holster.

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13 Responses

  1. I received my holster this morning and I’ve had reservations about ordering, yet another Kydex holster. My drawer has several that I’ve wasted money on and they all touted their wonders of comfort, lightness, etc, etc. I’m now here to tell you that my ONYOUR6DESIGN IWB is everything Nick and the guys said and more. The trigger is covered and the molding really does hold the firearm secure. The audible “click” upon reholstering may be academic but it is a comforting sound. The sweat guard does it’s job well, which here in humid Louisiana, is a must against my bare skin. I wore it throughout the day and all the other holsters said I would “forget” it was there.. Nope, I didn’t. THIS holster, however, rode so well all day that, were it not for the fact that the Glk30S is heaver than my PM9, I actually could’ve forgotten it was there. I’m not a skinny guy and I was concerned but didn’t need to be. I also cannot say enough about how great the staff of this company has been. They’ve put up with my pestering at all hours of the day (and night) during very busy times and did everything they could to accommodate me without showing a frustration my bugging them must’ve caused. Good job guys and I’ll recommend your products to whomever will listen to me.

  2. I recently purchased two holsters from your company. One for my Springfield Armory XD-Mod2 .40 cal and one for my Glock model 42 .380 caliber pistol. I am so very pleased with the fit and finish of this product. It is a quality product and performs great. So light and comfortable that you hardly notice it’s presence. I should also add and very reasonably priced.

  3. They made me a mag holster for my 9mm. When I received it , it didn’t look right so after an email to
    on your 6 designs they immediately responded. Next e-mail I received said no problem, They made me a new one and shipped it out 2 days later. Great company to deal with. Customer service is outstanding.
    Will definitely order from then again.

  4. Very well pleased with my fourth holster I’ve got from these guys well made love them very strong made and comfortable to wear all day very nice family to do business with everybody should own one of these holsters price of these are very good: Thank you Nic and the guys for making them. From Jerry

  5. The original holster was a bit snug so I notified the company. In 3 days I received a new one that was perfect! Love the holster, the customer service is second to none! Great company to deal with and they stand behind their product!

  6. OYSD made an OWB holster for my Glock 17 that I have been wearing for 2 weeks.
    There are several important attributes to the holster that make it an outstanding choice.

    These holsters are simple but very smart nonetheless in their design. Mounting the holster at a cant is easily done by offsetting the belt loops. The belt loops are far enough apart to provide great stability but not so far as to cause over tension. The belt loops pull the holster into the waist and body nice and snug making for a very low profile on the hip. The holster feels sturdy and tough and stays in position while carrying the firearm. It also maintains a shape, size and weight that doesn’t add bulk. These factors contribute to excellent concealment and comfort.

    Another remarkable attribute is the holster’s retention of the firearm. I am certain that if you held me upside down while carrying with the OYSD holster you might see some loose change and maybe a pocket knife hit the ground, but that pistol isn’t going anywhere. The tension the holster places on the trigger guard holds the firearm solidly in place and the tight tolerance construction cuts play between the holster and the gun down to nothing.

    The finish on these holsters is excellent as well. The surface, edges, rivets and all adjoining components are smooth to the touch and there is nothing to get snagged on.

    My experience with OYSD customer service has been Superb! Their follow up has been timely in notifying me of receipt of my orders and the point at which they have shipped. The few emails that I have sent to OYSD have been answered courteously and professionally.

    I suppose I could find a place to spend more money for a holster but, why? I’m completely satisfied with OYSD products and service. Works for me!

  7. Just received my holsters (LC9s + magazine) WOW!!!!! I am impressed. Beautiful looking black carbon fiber. Fit is excellent. Function is flawless. At last I have found a holster that works like a holster should! Highly recommend this company. Nothing but a class operation in all respects

  8. Received my holster for my M&P 40c. One word, Awesome. I usually carry using a sticky holster because the pistol rides low, this holster does the same. It is lightweight, and comfortable. Will buy more. Thank You all for the product.

  9. The best of the best concealed holsters have to do two things. First and foremost, they have to hold your firearm securely and second, they have to be comfortable to wear.
    We hope here to find the best holster .

  10. I ordered a IWB holster for my full size M&P 40 and a single mag. I haven’t received them yet (i should be getting them in about a week or so) and I really liked the fact that the holster has an adjustable cant. Also, Im a bigger guy so i had some concerns because every IWB holster ive bought is painfully uncomfortable… and ive heard good things from the husky gun carrying community so hopefully when I get them they will be the perfect holsters for me because im getting tired of buying holsters im never gonna use. πŸ˜›

  11. I bought an inside the belt holster for my Springfield Armory XD mod 2 45. I thought it might be to tight but it feels great and fits the gun fantastic. I would by it again.

  12. Just ordered my second holster as the first one is doing an excellent job. I am looking forward to receiving it ( hopefully before Christmas) as I just received word that my new pistol will arrive at my FFL dealer tomorrow.

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