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There are many ways to carry a firearm concealed. Make sure the mode you choose works best for you.

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Sometimes too many choices can make things confusing. This seems to be the case with picking just the right concealed weapon holster carry. Carrying a concealed weapon on your person is serious business. Most people probably hope they never have to draw a pistol out in self-defense but want to be able to do so effectively if the dire situation should arise.

First and foremost is the balance between conceal ability and comfort. Naturally you want a concealed gun well concealed. This means completely hidden from view by another person walking down the street, across the room at a meeting, or in any public place like a grocery store, restaurant, or department store.

Concealing a pistol on your person can be done in many different fashions, no pun intended. The deal is though you have to try out the various modes available and pick one that universally works for you. Narrowing the choices can take some time and research.

Then you also want the piece to be comfortable to carry, especially if it is typically going to be an all-day affair. You don’t want a concealed gun and holster snagging on everything you walk by under your shirt or rubbing an abrasion against your skin inside a waistband. You also want a pistol pouch that is easy to access smoothly and quickly.

This is assuming that most men will want to carry theirs on the waist or in a pocket. Women have other options with special purses and bags designed with slip end pockets to insert a concealed pistol. But what if that purse is out of reach just when you need it. Things to consider. Some women might want to consider a pants pocket slip holster.

So, folks, if you belt the pistol there are several options. There is “inside the waist band” (IWB), “outside the waist band” (OWB), in the pants pocket, or inside the pocket “holster sleeve.” IWB or OWB holsters often clip on a pants’ belt from the outside or the metal/plastic clip slips over the waist band from the inside. The holster accessory market is jammed with choices of all sizes, shapes, and materials.

Whatever type of concealed pistol holster you choose, make sure that the pistol fits it well and won’t shake loose. Sometimes concealment takes precedence over comfort, but it is a close call.

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9 Responses

  1. Love you holsters got mine and my wifes about 2 months now. We both every day carry but i wish you made mag holster for are gun.

  2. I have two of their holsters for my Taurus 709 9mm and the fit/finish is excellent on both. The only comment I would make is on the outside carry holster is ordering a size larger belt loop as when the holster is positioned from the straight up carry the belt loops become very tight. Over all give this company five stars.

  3. OY6D was my first venture into kydex holsters. I now have an OY6D IWB for every pistol I own. All of them Black Carbon Fiber. I think it’s time to pick a different color and I’m leaning towards Killer Coyote Carbon Fiber.

  4. I also agree : Whatever type of concealed pistol holster you choose, make sure that the pistol fits it well and will not shake loose Sometimes concealment takes precedence over comfort, but it is a close call..

  5. Well said man, too many choices make it quite tough to choose the perfect option, but I guess after reading this blog no one will end up with the bad choice.

  6. I thought it was interesting that you mentioned there are special purses out there that can act as a holster. I’ve been meaning to get a concealed carry permit, but I couldn’t decide on a holster. This definitely appeals to me, so I’ll start looking into getting everything squared away from here. Thank you!

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